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  Asia-Pacific Engineering Consulting Services, LLC (APECS) is proud to represent a number of fine Aerospace Companies committed to providing Safe, Quality Products and Services to the International Airline Community.  Among our Represented Partners are:
  California Precision Hydraulics, Inc. logo
California Precision Hydraulics, Inc.

Founded on August 2, 1993 by Jack Battalia and Dalibor Svoboda, California Precision Hydraulics, Inc. (CPHI) is a FAA (C5PR278J) and EASA (145.4286) Approved Repair Station. CPHI maintains repair capabilities on over 65 different piston and shoe part numbers. Relying on almost 70 years of combined experience performing repairs and manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry, we have the mission of providing our customers a service and product that meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

 In addition to our repair capabilities, we also hold PMA on over a dozen piston and shoe part numbers.  With dedicated CNC, grinding and polishing equipment, we have the ability to hold dimensional measurements as small as .000050 with surface textures of Ra 0.012 and form capabilities to .000030.

Interface Air Repair, Inc.
  IAR specializes in the EPOLY® coating of aircraft parts to restore surfaces, bores etc, where there is little or no damage to the parent material.  The primary use is Fuel and Oil Pump bores, housings with non-operational bores, certain valve housings, etc.  EPOLY® can withstand temperatures of -65 to 400 degrees F and can be applied up to 0.200” thick.  It is compatible with Skydrol, Oils and Aircraft Fuel

competes directly with alternative repair methods, such as metal spraying and sleeve inserts, but with significant advantages. It is being used widely and successfully in repairing vital components of operating systems and controls in gas turbine engines, aircraft, helicopters, marine equipment and industrial machinery.
Southern Air Repair, Inc.

Southern Air Repair is an aerospace engineering company providing machining repairs to accessory component piece parts. In business since 1997, we have been servicing airlines, regional carriers and 145 Repair Station’s for over a decade. Southern Air Repair, Corp. has established a reputation for providing exceptional quality service to our customers with the ability to repair non-serviceable parts to serviceable condition thru FAA approved repair’s that would normally be considered scrapped.

Southern Air Repair has developed over eighty FAA approved component part repairs with concentration in the CSD, IDG, Fuel and Pneumatic component parts. These repairs substantially reduce costs and increase profit for your company by reclaiming non-serviceable parts to serviceable condition. Our parts go through a rigorous approval process overseen by the FAA, a process that results in a repair that is equal or better than the OEM part at a price significantly lower than the manufactures new part replacement or market serviceable cost. With over 75 years of aviation component part experience, management, quality control and machine shop personnel understand their job precisely returning your parts back on wing at a fraction of the cost.

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