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  With hundreds of years worth of Experience, APECS Team provides our clients with a wide variety of Engineering Support Services including; Repair Development, FAA-DER Services, FAA RS-DER Services, FAA-PMA Services, FAA-STC Services, Engineering Management Services, or any of a number of other cradle-to-grave services.

Our Services are a tried and true way of Improving System Reliability and Developing Internal Cost Savings for any MRO.


APECS Engineers have familiarity with both the Operation and Performance characteristics of most Aircraft Systems.  As such we can devise and design Intelligent Repairs that both suit the needs of the client as well as providing them with Safe, Quality Alternatives to OEM Repairs, or as a way to Reclaim parts or components thought to be Beyond Economical Repair (BER) or Unrecoverable.

Repairs Developed by APECS' Engineers include, but are not limited to:

>  Aircraft Interior Repairs/Modifications including Materials and Layout
>  Hydraulic System Repairs such as Pump Mechanisms and Actuators
>  Pneumatic System Repairs such as Valves, Air Starters and  Actuators
>  Electro-Mechanical System Component Repairs such as Control Mechanisms, etc.
>  Powerplant System and Component Repairs such as Ducting, Fuel/Oil Coolers, etc.
>  Propeller blade hubs, spinners, housings, and non-dynamic mechanical components
>  Oil System and Component Repairs such as Housings, Gears and etc.
>  Thrust Reverser System Repairs including Cowlings, Actuators and Ducts
>  Landing Gear Repairs including Actuators, Supports, Trunnions and Struts
>  Engine and APU Repairs including Actuators, Harnesses and Ducting/Tubing

As an FAA-DER, APECS can also support your needs for developing non-OEM Product Improvements, Alterations, and Modifications to Piece-Parts as well as System Components. 

Current eCOA

APECS has amassed a Consortium of Experienced and Well-Respected FAA-DERs whose wide range of expertise includes, but is not limited to:

>  Structures DERs
>  Cabin Safety/Mechanical DERs
>  Interiors DERs
>  Avionics/Electrical DERs
>  Powerplant DERs
>  Engine/APU DERs
>  Flammability DERs
>  Flight Test DERs

Additionally, as an accomplished and respected FAA-DER and RS-DER, our Chief Engineering Consultant, Mr. Peter Stonefield is capable of supporting MAJOR Repair, Alteration, and/or Modification Data Development and Approval for most Title 14 CFR Part 23, 25, 27, & 29 Aircraft and Helicopter Engine, APU and Accessory Systems including, but not limited to; Power-plant Components ; APU Components; Oil and Fuel System Components, Most Electro-Mechanical System Components, Most Hydraulic Components, Most Pneumatic Components, Most Cabin Safety Components; and Landing Gear Components.  Additionally he has delegation for Propellers; blade hubs, spinners, housings, and all non-dynamic mechanical components.

APECS supports several clients by acting as their Engineering Management both for their internal and external customers.  We provide Engineering Consulting and direction on a number of situations including Operational Specification Development, Engineering Manual Development and Liaison Engineering support with your clients worldwide. 

Our lengthy experience & broad ranging expertise are useful tools for any Technical Organization.
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